Our catering order MINIMUM starts at $650 for small orders. Catering orders are customized based on the number of attendees, the quantity of food needed, and the types of food selections. A chef service/labor fee is added to ALL final estimates. We try and provide you with the best package suitable for your event. If you receive your estimate and would like to adjust the food/pan quantities, please let us know by responding directly back through the email of the invoice.


We accept bookings at least 3 months in advance. For Weddings, Reunions, and other larger gatherings we accept bookings 6 months in advance.


We will respond to all submissions within 72 business hours.


All prices shown [other than individual pans and seasonings] are DEPOSITS - after the menu, time and place are discussed, the remaining balance is due NO LATER than the day before service.


All services are nonrefundable and are one-time transferrable only.